Scripture Union NT is passionate about helping young people reach their full potential.

We find that camping is a great way of doing just that.

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Camping offers;

*  A break from normal life. This is refreshing and can be specific in its focus as distractions of everyday life are absent.

*  A chance to objectively evaluate the ‘normal’ life style whilst being away from it

*  New relationships and the chance to see people “warts and all”. It is possible to come to know people in a way impossible (or at least most unlikely) in normal existence.

*  A short term experience where people may come to a new understanding of new styles of living or behaving.

*  An opportunity to participate in activities not available in everyday life.

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Their are 2 camps currently running each year;

*  Easter Camp for middle school – This runs in the Easter school holiday week for school grades 7 – 9.

* SUPA Camp for upper primary school – This normally runs in October over a weekend and is for school grades 3-6


Keep an eye on this website under UPCOMING EVENTS for details of these and any other camps throughout the year.