Scripture Union has a unique place in the landscape of NT state schools. As a movement, we are committed to providing young people with the opportunity to hear and discuss the good news of the Bible in their school environment through approved voluntary student activities, religious education classes and chaplaincy.

Religious Education

From regular classes to black programs and anything in between, we seek to train volunteers to present Christ in engaging ways using a set syllabus that is approved by the Department of Education.


SU NT sees chaplains as an integral part of the support staff in schools, providing spiritual and emotional support to school communities: students, staff, and families. They are in the prevention and rescue business, helping students and school communities find a better way to deal with issues. SU NT chaplains are funded by school communities, generous support from local churches and community organisations, and the National School Chaplaincy Program.

SUPA clubs (Scripture Union Primary Age clubs)

Generally for grades 5-6, these groups usually meet on a weekly basis during lunchtime on school premises. SUPA clubs are a chance for students to learn more about Christianity through engaging, enjoyable and age-appropriate activities such as games, craft, music and Bible study or talks.

ISCF groups (Inter-School Christian Fellowship groups)

These groups although potentially having different names are aimed for middle school and colleges in the NT. These groups provide an opportunity for Christian students to grow in their faith, and for other students to explore their own questions about Christianity. These groups can be student led, and when this is the case Scripture Union NT provides leadership training for them.