Speaker – Luke Midena

Hi everyone,

I’m Luke and I live in Canberra with my wife Kate, and daughters Elodie (4) and Bonnie (3).

I work for an organisation called The Navigators, and my work involves encouraging students at the Australian National University to know and follow Jesus. This involves everything from discussing the bible over coffee, to a philosophy discussion group at a pub.

I actually grew up in Darwin, and I have such great memories of this very Easter camp – collapsing tents, stealing chocolate eggs before the hunt, sleeping on concrete because everything got wet…not to mention praying that Jesus would rule my life!

The camps were a highlight of my teenage years and I’m very excited to be invited back. Breaks like this present us with the perfect opportunity to reflect on the big questions of life that really matter, but we don’t get around to thinking about during school time. It will be great working through some of these questions with you all!