Scripture Union has a unique place in the landscape of NT state schools. As a movement, we are committed to providing young people with the opportunity to hear and discuss the good news of the Bible in their school environment through religious instruction, chaplaincy, SUPA clubs and ISCF groups.

Religious Instruction

Scripture Union NT facilitates Religious Instruction (also known as RE, SRE or Scripture) in the Territory by equipping RI teachers and supporting church-based RI teams.

Abiding by the Department of Education guidelines, the Christian faith is explored in RI primarily using the Godspace Curriculum. Other curriculum in use are ‘Christ our light and life’ and ‘Christ in our midst’.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about RI, please get in contact with our school’s ministry team ( They will guide you to find the best way for you and your church to get involved.

SUPA clubs (Scripture Union Primary Age clubs)

Generally for grades 5-6, these groups usually meet on a weekly basis during lunchtime on school premises. SUPA clubs are a chance for students to learn more about Christianity through engaging, enjoyable and age-appropriate activities such as games, craft, music and Bible study or talks.

ISCF groups (Inter-School Christian Fellowship groups)

These groups although potentially having different names are aimed for middle school and colleges in the NT. These groups provide an opportunity for Christian students to grow in their faith, and for other students to explore their own questions about Christianity. These groups can be student led, and when this is the case Scripture Union NT provides leadership training for them.