The following is a brief description of the workshops at the Children’s Ministry Training Day.

Teaching songs and Memory Verses
Facilitator – Jo Watson
A practical session for those who lead song/worship/memory verses with children. It will be including a time of work-shopping your ideas with others.

Choosing resources for Children’s Ministry
Facilitator – Jo Watson
A session of sharing resources from curriculum to activities to volunteers.  This session will be particularly useful for Coordinators in children’s ministry.  It will include Q & A and examples.  Please bring your favourite resources to share with others too!

Small size groups (games, activities, as well as teaching)
Facilitator: Rev Suzie Ray
Small size groups have particular dynamics when it comes to games, activities and teaching. You might be working with a wide age range, with siblings in together, and when the curriculum suggests “split in to teams” you know that’s not going to work! In this seminar we will explore some great ideas for engaging with small size groups and realising the strengths as well as the challenges in this type of children’s ministry.

Learning Styles and Special Needs (incl ESL/multi cultural)
Facilitator: Rev Suzie Ray
In our children’s ministry program we work with incredible diversity.  Understanding learning styles can help our teaching and activities to connect with our children in multiple ways.  We will also explore approaches which can help connect with groups that are multi-lingual, multi-cultural, or have children with developmental special needs.  One approach that will be explored is the use of visual displays in our teaching space to create continuity through a series.

Communication and relationships – Building relationships with kids and their families
Facilitator: Dr David Pohlmann
Participants will be helped to understand what happens within generations within families.  Building on this foundation, participants will gain insights into building relationships with kids and their families.

Responding to behavioural challenges
Facilitator: Dr David Pohlmann
Participants will be given practical strategies that work to address behavioural challenges in class, camp and church activity settings.  Participants should also leave the training day understanding why these strategies work!

Kids Talks in Church
Facilitator – Emma Kubler
This session will give practical tips about how to run a fun and engaging Kids Talk during a “main” church service.