Workshops at SU Training Day

The following is a brief description of the workshops at the SU Training Day.



  • Ideas for running “Kids Church” sessions
    Facilitator – Rev Naomi Ireland
    Running a kids program doesn’t need to be difficult. It can be as simple as building Lego! With the right blocks and some creativity, you can create all kinds of amazing kids programs. Come along to this session to learn about the basic blocks for building a kids program and have a go at ‘building’ your own.
  • Strategies guaranteed to improve teaching and learning
    Facilitator – Dr David Pohlmann
    In educational jargon – Productive Pedagogies. In this workshop you will experience and engage with classroom strategies that teachers can use to focus instruction and improve student outcomes. Some strategies are more suited for teaching certain knowledges and skills than others.
  • Models of Youth Ministry
    Facilitator – Ben Staunton
    There are a variety of approaches to youth ministry, in this seminar we will look at some of the different goals in a youth group and think about how size and the make-up of the group will affect these things. 


  • ESL + Multicultural Groups
    Facilitator – Rev Suzie Ray
    In our children’s ministry program, we work with incredible diversity. Understanding learning styles can help our teaching and activities to connect with our children in multiple ways. We will explore approaches which can help connect with groups that are multi-lingual, multi-cultural and may have varied levels of English literacy. One approach that will be explored is the use of visual displays in our teaching space to create continuity through a series.
  • Designing a killer RI lesson
    Facilitator – Dr David Pohlmann
    Combining relationship, story, time, games, learning styles, attention spans to help get kids’ attentions from the moment they walk into the room, and communicate a message that they’ll remember well after the days of RI are over.
  • Giving a Bible talk for youth
    Facilitator – Ben Staunton
    The Bible is living and active, so how do we share it in a way that is helpful and engaging for young people? We will have a think about the goal of a youth group talk and how to communicate Biblical truth to teenagers. 


  • Working with children/youth with special needs
    Facilitator – Rev Naomi Ireland
    Each one of us has been created in God’s image and we have all been made differently. This session will help you get to know kids in your group/s with special needs, engage and include them in your group and disciple them in their faith in Jesus.
  • Small sized groups (games, activities, as well as teaching)
    Facilitator – Rev Suzie Ray
    Small size groups have particular dynamics when it comes to games, activities and teaching. You might be working with a wide age range, with siblings in together, and when the curriculum suggests “split into teams” you know that’s not going to work! In this seminar we will explore some great ideas for engaging with small size groups and realising the strengths as well as the challenges in this type of children’s ministry.
  • Facilitating groups and games for youth
    Facilitator – Ben Staunton
    Different size youth groups present different opportunities and struggles for both small groups and games. In this seminar, we will have a think about how try and engage all the young people and make sure that youth group is fun, safe and community building.