Workshops at SU Training Day

The following is a brief description of the workshops at the 2023 SU Training Day.



Youth Evangelism
Facilitator – Ben Staunton
The teenage years are often an important time to work out important things in regard to faith and belief. Research shows that a large number of adults became Christian when they were teenagers.
This gives people in youth ministry an exciting opportunity but what does it mean to share the gospel with teenagers? How do we connect with teenagers outside the church?

Big Questions
Facilitator – Naomi Ireland
Have you ever been faced with a big question from a child in RI or Kids Church? Have you ever been worried about how to answer big questions? This workshop will help you consider how to overcome your fears and think through how to answer big questions well.

Understanding and supporting children & young people experiencing trauma.
Facilitator – Terry Williams
Trauma can have a devastating effect on children and young people which impacts their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Trauma can also have a profound and enduring impact on families, school and wider communities and the whole of society. This elective is a brief introduction to understanding the difference between trauma and traumatic events and exploring some helpful frameworks and practical activities for shaping our involvement and response. Come away with a clearer understanding along with some skills for your toolbox.


Teaching the Old Testament to Youth
Facilitator – Ben Staunton
The Old Testament is full of promises and shadows of the richness to come in Christ, but also there are some crazy stories and long genealogies in the mix. How do we help teenagers to love and understand the Old Testament as well as the New Testament?

Teaching the bible to Kids.
Facilitator – Jo Watson
Teaching the Bible to kids is a vital part of Kids Ministry…Right? But how can we do it well? In this session we will discuss the roll of teaching the Bible to kids in ministry, what we can teach, when, and in what context and also some hows and whys.

Supporting Special Needs
Facilitator – Naomi Ireland
Each one of us has been created in God’s image and we have all been made differently. This session will help you get to know kids in your group/s with special needs, engage and include them in your group and disciple them in their faith in Jesus.


Mentoring Senior Youth
Facilitators – Steve Miles and Jadon Ilett
An interactive case study sharing the successes and surprises of how DB Youth (Darwin Baptist Youth) intentionally mentored and discipled eight Year 12’s in 2022.
This session will be great for leaders who desire to be equipped in discipling youth to be disciple-makers themselves and want to shift church culture through intergenerational mentoring.

Pastoral Conversations with children about following Jesus
Facilitator – Terry Williams
This elective will explore some of the key principles and practices for helping a young person to begin a journey with Jesus and/or help them to grow in their understanding of what their faith means to them.

Creative Resourcing
Facilitator – Naomi Ireland
Being creative in children’s ministry often seems to rely on having ready access to a craft store and a big budget. But what if you don’t have access to all those resources? This seminar will equip you to engage children’s creativity as you share Jesus with them even if resources are few.